Frequently Asked Questions

I am visiting my uncle in Cortlandt Manor NY this coming weekend and would like to know how I can amuse myself in this small town?

While small in size, Cortlandt Manor is large in dining, sports and leisure activities. If you enjoy bowling, grab a slice, a beer and a couple of rounds at the Cortlandt Lanes. The van Cortlandt golf courses are beautiful and challenging for visiting golfers. If you're visiting Cortlandt Manor with a date, why don't the two of you enjoy a dance and a romantic meal at the Cortlandt Colonial Restaurant and Ballroom? Sunday morning is the perfect time to take a hike along the Hudson River or go horseback riding at the Blue Mountain Stables.

Is real estate in Cortlandt Manor, NY a good investment for me and my husband?

Cortlandt Manor real estate has some of the finest property in the country. Located amid dozens of historic park sites, golf courses, quaint Hudson Valley towns and the Hudson River, the town of Cortlandt, NY is a prime spot in which to buy a house or an apartment rental in Cortlandt Manor NY and raise a family in reputable Cortlandt Manor schools. Imagine your husband going off to play a game of golf at a van Cortlandt golf course after he's taken the boys to Cortlandt American Little League. Imagine yourself enjoying a stroll in a van Cortlandt park after lunch with the girls in a cafe in Cortlandt town center. What a life! In short, the real estate in Cortlandt Manor NY is a wonderful decision.

Can I be living in New York City and still spend the day in Hudson River towns like Cortlandt Manor, NY?

Absolutely! The colonial town of Cortlandt Manor is only a short Metro-North ride upstate. Not only will the train let you see the changing countryside and chat with fellow New York travelers, but the train will swiftly and smoothly bring you right into Cortlandt Manor whose Cortlandt restaurants and Cortlandt inns are some of the finest in all of upstate New York.

Where should I stay when visiting the town of Cortlandt NY?

While the Cortlandt town center does not have an inn, there are a number of cozy and comfortable inns and hotels that service Cortlandt tourists. In less than five miles from the Cortlandt town center, there are the Peekskill Motor Inn, the Union Hotel and the Watergate Motor Inn. The Hudson Valley region is a great place to take in all upstate New York has to offer, so certainly investigate lodging in the area.

I am planning a trip to Cortlandt Manor and the greater Hudson Valley. What do you recommend for Cortlandt restaurants?

For a romantic venue, try the Cortlandt Colonial Restaurant and Ballroom--you won't be disappointed with the historical, appetitive and theatrical flavor at this Cortlandt Manor restaurant. For some casual breakfast dining, try the Westchester Diner on Albany Post Rd. Lunch and supper at the Monteverde Restaurant in Cortlandt Manor NY are quite a treat for any tourist. Pizza lovers, head to Al Forno Brick Oven Pizzeria.

I am a physician and have been hearing about a New York magazine called Cortlandt Forum. What can you tell me?

Cortlandt Forum is a monthly magazine for primary care physicians practicing in the United States and its territories. The magazine was founded in 1988 near Cortlandt Manor, NY--thus the name, Cortlandt Forum. If you are a physician in the New York area, in fact, you may want to consider relocating your practice in Cortlandt Manor or the greater Hudson Valley area, where natural historical wonder, New York real estate and family entertainment are some of the best in the state.